Cut Pile Plush

Cut pile constructions can be used in both residential and commercial. Here are a few subcategories of cut pile carpet. Each category provides a different appearance or finished look. We have an array of samples and can explain which may be better for your specific carpet needs.


Plush carpeting is a single level, cut pile surface. This type carpet is soft and dense with well defined individual tuft tips. The overall appearance of the pile's surface is smooth. Cut pile carpeting provides a more formal appearance than other cut pile constructions. It is the mostly widely used type of residential carpet.


This is a cut pile carpet in which two or more plies of yarn have been twisted and heat-set so that the tip of each carpet tuft is distinguishable on the pile surface. The result is a smooth, velvety traditional look.


This cut pile has alternating crimp, loops or other modifications to the yarn that results in a two tone appearance. Sometimes called, "textured". This name describes its tendency to show fewer footprints and vacuum marks than other cut pile carpets.


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