Nylon is the most durable fiber of all synthetic fibers with excellent performance characteristics. It is the most versatile of all fibers, providing excellent flexibility in creating a variety of carpet styles. It is the strongest fiber, making it an excellent choice for the heavy traffic areas of a home or commercial facility. Its strengths include good resiliency, good yarn memory to hold twist, texture retention, good abrasion resistance and durability. Though not inherently stain resistant, most nylon carpets are treated giving protection against household spills and stains, also providing good carpet cleaning efficacy. If you are looking for value goods, nylon fibers offer a considerable benefit for the money. There are two types, Nylon 6,6 and Nylon 6, typically used in carpet. Nylon features include the ability to produce a variety of color schemes. Nylon is considered to be suitable for all types of traffic. Solution dyed nylon (explained under Olefin) provides excellent color fastness and increases stain clean ability.

Recycling has become an important part of the manufacturing of carpet so if environmental concerns are an issue, ask about recycled nylon fibers that have been reclaimed from recycled nylon carpet. See the video on left for a preview of the recyle process.


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